SEGUFIX® - The Humane Restraint and Positioning System

SEGUFIX® offers complex solutions for patient-friendly positioning and restraint, and is approved as "humane patient restraint" among experts.

Restraints should not be used to completely immobilize patients, but allow for the most possible freedom to move. The entire SEGUFIX®-System is based on this concept and was therefore developed as a modular system. It consists of many component parts, each of them allowing for varying degrees of movement which may be applied to any care situation, e.g. bed egress or to prevent falls from bed.

The SEGUFX®-System is used with the unique SEGUFIX®-Lock to quickly close the products, and may only be opened with the SEGUFIX®-Key. The SEGUFIX®-System is a relieve for care personnel and patients.

We work in close cooperation with users and patients when designing the modular SEGUFIX®-System.

Today SEGUFIX® offers an extensive range of products for almost any type of patient care scenarios. You can rely on SEGUFIX® to keep your patient safe - thus allowing for maximum freedom of movement.

The ingeneous Lock can only be opened by care personnel.

SEGUFIX® Restraint and Positioning Systems meet any requirements concerning the safety of patients and care personell.

As a family business with more than 50 years of experience, the next generation will also support you as a
reliable partner with continuity, quality and professional service.